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An Epitaph for Charlotte Russe

This look is my visual epitaph for Charlotte Russe. An ode, a farewell post to a store I would shop at in my earlier days. If you didn't know Charlotte Russe will be shutting down. I was in Boston for work and out shopping with my amazing older sister who relayed the sad news to me. I knew immediately I wanted to create a look to say farewell to a store that holds a place in my heart. I looked around the store that had all sorts of incredible sales to find a look that suited my fancy in this new era of my fashion aesthetic. I came across this wonder black tulle midi skirt first with an elastic waist. As soon as I picked it up I had this vision of pairing it with a lace bodysuit. Thank heavens for manifesting and it's powers. I looked a few racks away and there was the most perfect black lace body suit to pair with this elegant tulle skirt. I tried both on together and they went together like peanut butter and jelly. And to think the two together rang up to be $36 just blows my mind. This look is inspired by similar looks by some of my favorite bloggers. I think I was a dancer in another lifetime because I am so drawn to anything that makes me feel like I am a ballerina and this light and airy tulle skirt fulfills that desire in every way. I decided to pair the look with my Steve Madden heeled boots with a clear heel. I switched between this wonderful animal print hat from Awoke Vintage and Nordstrom Rack black classic beret. What do you think of the look? I had fun wearing this outfit out and shooting it. I can't wait to pair this skirt with more tops and bodysuits. I've been dreaming of getting a midi tulle skirt for quite sometime. Did you too shop at Charlotte Russe and are sad to see it's reign come to an end?

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