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Cape Collars and Petticoats

I have been feeling like I want to share more of myself in my blog in addition to sharing with you all my fashion finds. I found this Shein dress at Crossroads Trading Co, one of my favorite vintage and designer thrift shops. This New Year I am trying to be more Eco-friendly and only buy used, thrifted clothes. I rarely buy new so that won't be too much of a challenge. But since I'm aware that clothing is something that I consume a lot of I want to keep my carbon footprint down to a minimum. Anyways, I tried this dress on and loved it. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive to buy it because it was certainly a more vintage look than what I am traditionally comfortable with. In the spirit of going out of my comfort zone with my fashion finds, and following my intuition that I would find myself loving it more and more everyday, I bought it. From the silver round buttons, to the cape collar (which I discovered is actually removable after my shoot), to the modest length, and complimentary colors, this dress embodies 1950s elegance.

I am so drawn to color and creating characters with each look I create for myself to wear. I'm an actress at heart so of course I am.I wanted to find the perfect location to shoot this dress with Sara (my wonderful actress, singer, fashion enthusiast friend). We planned to have our shoot in this beautiful indoor garden but when we arrived we were told that it would be under construction for the next two weeks. Not wasting a moment we looked at one another and decided to shoot at the New York Public Library. We jumped into a lyft and headed over. I am a huge believer that if one door closes, an even better one is about to open. Every no leads to a yes that often times is beyond what we could have dreamed of. This proved to be true for us in the last minute change of our shoot location.

It was the perfect location for this classy, elegant, bookish look. Not to mention the beautiful architecture and history that the library holds in its books and in the walls. The character I embodied in this look felt so at home at the NYPL. I paired the dress with my Burberry patent leather belt. I then finished the look with my favorite American Apparel thigh high socks and oxford broads. If I had to give this look, character a name, it would be Heather.

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